Ceiling & Wall Features

Ceiling & Wall Features

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Timber Ceiling Paneling

  • Decorative Ceiling Panels instantly bring uniqueness, warmth and style into any room. It also offers insulation and sound absorption.
  • Ceiling panels are perfect to add to both standard and dropped ceilings.
  • Timber species : “Nyatoh”, Pine Wood

Decorative Wall Paneling

  • If you are tired of using paintings , mirrors and wallpapers, it’s time to get to know a new trend of texturising your walls – Decorative Wall Panels
  • The use of decorative wall panel  can make huge difference to the overall look of any indoor space. You can truly feel a different level of elegance and energy in the ambience, and see a magical transformation of your living and trading places.
  • Decorative wall panel are functional as well. It provides proper sound transmissions and the absorption of redundant noise. This can greatly enhance user experience in settings like Concert Hall , Auditorium etc.
  • Timber species : “Nyatoh”, Pine Wood

Architectural Timber Trim & Moulding

  • Architectural trim or molding not only hides gaps and dresses up corners, it is often the backbone of a room design. The types of baseboard, crown moulding, chair-rail moulding and window & door trim you select helps define the character of a room and set the stage for the entire decor.
  • There are many types of decorative wood moulding that is made from the highest grade, kiln-dried, solid wood with complementing designs that will elevate your home’s look. You’ll be amazed how a home can look more luxurious with the simple addition of wider casings, deeper baseboards, crown mouldings and a chair rail.
  • The most common mouldings used in homes today are:
    • Baseboard Mouldings
      This moulding is installed at the bottom of a wall against the flooring to cover the gap between the two surfaces.
    • Casing
      This moulding is used to fill the gap between a window and wall.
    • Crown Moulding
      This moulding is used to fill the gap between a wall and the ceiling
    • Chair Railing Moulding
      This moulding runs horizontal to the floor to protect the wall from chairs bumping. Today, a chair rail is often used for decorative purposes only.
    • Other decorative mouldings are used in different situations. These include a mirror, stairway, wall paneling, door, staircase balustrades etc …